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My aim in this work is to thread the passion of my painting with the macroscopic qualities of my  photos. Taking  inanimate objects and blending both mediums creates works of wonder letting viewers come up with their own ideas of meaning.

I have recently been working at a macro level discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary and believe everything we see  and take for granted often has more fascination & intrigue than its true size , shape and form.

my story

mixed media

Abstract and realism blends are my aim and I have always felt energy from cultural influences. My work is very personal, has tremendous passion behind it and often with multiple painting upon painting  adding layers of theory and meaning.


Like WHAT YOU SEE? my lens is MY  story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then let me share my LANGUAGE with you.

After a 25 year hiatus, painting has forced its way back into my life. Painting, writing, and photography at a very young age were lifelines to expressing my core. One or the other would either  elevate me or save me, even in the darkest of times. Most recently my Master's degree re-introduced me to digital photography having let go of it in the 90's. And like a perfect storm I am exploring all of these mediums , and in many cases blending, mixing and morphing them. Macroscopic imagery does more than inspire me as people see different things in everything. This is why I do this, it is my pulse, my passion, and my drive. To capture the  marvel, see its beauty, enhance and influence it; then resonate in awe of the simple things, the things we overlook.

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.


I have been experimenting with  various textures and products lately and have found that interesting results come alive. Interesting stories are made from strange things sometimes.