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My portfolio is my story

Northern Irish born, I have been painting since a young age. It started in my Grandmother's Art studio , on and off over the years , and most recently decades later, I have been back at it endlessly, hours upon hours. I have always had a passion for capturing core emotion and transposing imagery on my canvas at hand. Whether I am painting or shooting photography or blending the two for magical results, this is when I am most content, when my inner expression is brought to life.




If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? let my lens tell you a story.

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Creative Influences:

  • Photography Teacher, Jonathon Taggart, Royal Roads University
  • Introduction to Digital Photography-
  • Foundations of Photography: Composition- Ben Long -
  • Photography 101 - Foundations-  Joseph Linaschke  -
  • Photography Macro and Close-ups - Ben Long -
  • Shooting Macros and Close-ups - Joseph Linaschke -
  • Creative Photography Techniques- Justin Reznick -
  • The Elements of Effective Photographs- Natalie Fobes -
  • ​Shooting a Photo essay: An Artist at Work-  Paul Taggart -
  • Foundations of Video: Cameras and Shooting-  Anthony Q. Artis -
  • Foundations of Video: The Art of Editing-  Norman Hollyn -
  • Painting Instruction- Christine Tacon (My Beautiful Grandmother)
  • Foundations of Acrylic  Painting - Will Kemp -
  • Kathleen Clemens  & Alexey Kljatov for inspiration
  • ​Thomas Shahan for what can be achieved in the natural element
  • Susan Schroder for her  cross-blend of photography and illustration